Low key honest photography that is true to you.

 In my photography (be that as a wedding photographer or portrait photographer) I aim to create photographs that feel natural to make, and deliver photographs that will make you happy when you look at them.

 A bit about Claire

 My favourite photos are the ones that actually make me smile when they show up on my editing screen. Ones where I can really SEE the emotion. I am interested in humans and I love capturing faces that are in love, content, proud, embarrassed, contemplative, laughing, concentrating…

I am delighted to have recently made my new home in the beautiful Burren in Co Clare. Ballyvaughan to be exact. I love home. It is where I feel most comfortable and at ease. I want you to feel at ease and at home with me. I want you to love the photographs I take of you. I want the photographs to be true to you.

Outside of photography I am excited that our new place has a good bit of land, so I am getting into growing vegetables. I aspire to be more self sufficient, although given that all of last years crop of carrots were eaten in one dinner, I’m a ways off!!

I am into lots of creative things. I like to paint, knit, sew and weave (textiles and baskets!) I love creating new things and mending old things. I love natural materials.

I love our beautiful natural world and am trying to become less of a drain on it. 

Photography has been my creative outlet for as long as I can remember, and I feel grateful to have turned it into a career. I've met so many fascinating people and had the privilege of seeing my photos displayed in homes with pride.

What else about me? I can fit in pretty much everywhere. I can chat away and put you at ease. Equally well I know when that’s not needed.

I love learning new things (was a very good girl in school) I do photography workshops, take the guided tours, read newspaper articles and do online courses all the time. I am curious to know about you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, it would be nice to hear from you.

My first years harvest of carrots