Hello! Thanks for having a look at my work, I hope you like what you see. I love photography, and working as a photographer (seems to me anyway) to be pretty much the best job in the world. Through the various types of work I do I meet people from all walks of life. It certainly never gets boring! I studied commercial photography in Dun Laoghaire in Dublin, and if you asked me then I would not have been a fan of the idea of wedding photography, but its an area that I kind of fell into and I am so glad I did. Its probably not cool to say, but I love weddings! Not the dresses and vintage car, or shoes, but happy people celebrating. Its infectious and fills me with joy!

Now the friends I made photographing their wedding come to me for family portraits so I am getting into this area more and more. I am finding it really exciting as I am discovering my own style in the area with very casual photo sessions at home. I feel this way of photographing families is so comfortable for families, they feel at home because they are, and their real personalities are revealed. I have a studio for those who want studio portraits.

The fact that I am a photographer is a big part of who I am, and even when I am not doing a “job” I am likely to be doing something photography related. I love spending time in the outdoors, I come from landlocked Tipperary (Up Tipp!) but love to be by the sea. I fell in love with surfing on a trip to Morocco, so am giving that a go (not very successfully!) but its nice as my boyfriend; Andy, is surf obsessed. I love the reward of climbing a mountain (or even a hill!) followed by a rockshandy. I have a brilliant circle of friends and love to spend time just messing or adventuring with them, we always have a laugh. I am real close to my family, and always look forward to times when we are all together.

And I have a cat.