Small weddings deserve professional photography just as much as the bigger ones. If you are planning a small wedding and don’t want too much fuss there are wedding photography packages for you. This Cork city family wedding is a great example. The couple, Karen and Mark decided to get married after about 14 years together (think thats what Karen told me, a long time any way!). They have been a family for a long time, their families know each other well, they have two children, his friends are her friends and visa versa. They wanted a really low key celebration with their families. They didn’t want a big production and they really just wanted some photos of the ceremony and a few groups afterwards.

The wedding was in The River Lee Hotel. Karen got ready in a room right next to where the ceremony was held. So when their families took their seats in The Look Out Karen and her Dad were ready to walk up the isle to Mark, and their two boys waiting at the top. The wedding ceremony was celebrated by Brian Twomey. It was a lovely ceremony filled with meaning and lots of colour and laughter too.

Once the ceremony was done, and much hugging and kissing we did a few set up shots. The couple, with their boys and with each of their families. I hung around for a little while to get some candid shots of guests.

If you are planning a small family wedding and are on the fence about getting a photographer please know it can be for a short time and it will be worth it.