Small family weddings are my absolute favourite. Intimate, low key and truly heart felt. Post Covid 19 there will be more weddings like this one. Horray!!! This relaxed Cork City wedding was an absolute pleasure to photograph.

Remember international travel? Alexis and Alison came to Cork with their families. They came from Berlin, Toronto and California!

Before Berlin, and before Toronto Alison had lived in Cork. She and Alexis decided Cork was good place to bring their very closest together.

With zero fuss, Alison and Alexis got ready together in their hotel room. Then in the lashing rain Alisons old school friend chauffeured us across town in his beautiful Citroen DS to the registry office.

I think people are alway caught off guard at registry office weddings. They imagine it is just a formality, just signing some papers. In my experience they are surprisingly heartfelt and emotional. This one was no exception. We all found ourselves with lumps in our throats and tears in our eyes! I had something in my eye myself!

We had imagined a chilled out stroll over to the Crawford art gallery. The October weather had other ideas. But instead we bundled ourselves into taxis for the spin around the corner. Waiting for us in the cafe, there was a lovely long table, with countless pots of real leaf tea, sandwiches and scones with jam and cream. It was the perfect antidote to the weather outside.

Feeling refreshed we then all went for a wanter around the gallery. Alison had been a student in the Crawford so it was nice for her to visit the gallery again. We used the gallery as the back drop for the few posed photos of the day.

The rain eased, and so we moseyed on to our next stop; The Mutton Lane Inn. Anyone who knows Cork at all, knows this is the ultimate pub for a sneaky daytime pint! So that exactly what we did.

After a drink or two we decided it was time to head back to the hotel. We did so by wandering through the English market and up a bustling Oliver Plunket Street.

It really was the loveliest wedding day. The weather was absolutely rubbish, but the atmosphere of happiness and love prevailed and looking back now, some how made it even more memorable.

Thank you Alexis and Alison for finding me, and for having me there with you and your lovely warm welcoming families.

And to think I get to call it work! If you are planning a small family wedding please get in touch. I would love to document your celebration.