Your LinkedIn profile photo offers a great opportunity to show your personality. Please, please take advantage. It is not a passport photo. While you need to be identifiable in it you can use it to convey so much more than just how you look.

In a fraction of a second a viewer forms opinions on you based on your photo! So give some thought to what your chosen public facing photograph might be saying.

A well lit and clear professional photograph immediately conveys that you are a professional, that you care. It is a way of saying hello, say it as you would if you were meeting a new client or colleague.

We can read your bio, see your credentials, we believe you are accomplished. Use your photo to reveal a bit more about who you are. People do business with people they like and trust, and the first step in that is being true to yourself. Together we can get a photograph that is a genuine reflection of you.

I appreciate that most people absolutely hate getting their photograph taken. Trust me, I understand that. When you get your photograph taken with me, we work together, and review the shots as we go along so we can see and agree whats working for you. I work swiftly, and we can chat away during the process, I promise it actually grand! And afterwards you will be delighted when you have a great profile shot to represent you.


Low key, honest photography that is true to you.