So, I also photograph stuff that isn’t weddings! I do photography for creatives for example. Creatives, artists, crafts people who need a record of their work or sell online. I am delighted to show some photographs I did for Siobhan and John Naughton, as well as show off the set of beautiful pasta bowls that John made especially for me!

My day down in Lauragh Valley was one of those days when I have to laugh at calling what I do work. Siobhan and John treated me more like one of their guests than someone that was there to do a job! Hospitality comes naturally to them; I’m not the only one who thinks it – everyone who stays in their bothy thinks so too. If you are ever looking to really escape to somewhere simple, quiet and beautiful… this is it!

On their isolated farm, John makes pots. Pots and mugs and bowls and jugs and hen feeding things… all sorts! Meanwhile Siobhan creates all sorts of magical things: big colourful fish lights, decorations, pillowcases, and bonkers looking fairies! You can check out some more of their stuff on their website, or you might bump into them at the National Crafts Fair, or best of all… pay them a visit!

John and Siobhan Naughton - photography for creative artists hand crafted Irish pottery by John Naughton potter - professional imagery for creatives John Naughton Pottery - potter Kerry - Irish pottery - hand crafted bowl Siobhans fairies - professional photography for creative artists Cork John Naughton potter - professional photography for creative artists in Ireland bat boxes bird feeders by potter John Naugton Kerry - professional imagery for creative artists Ireland pottery hen feeders - hand made by John Naughton potter Kerry hand made pasta bowls by potter John Naughton - Photography for creatives Ireland Bowl by John Naughton potter in Kerry - Photography for artists Cork John Naughton Pottery - photography for creatives Ireland