I am delighted to be able to show off my first cover shot! Ok so it may be a bit obscure, but I am none the less showing it off here. The beautiful lady photographed is Rhiannon Giddens. Rhiannon contacted me while she was spending some time over Christmas in Co. Limerick needing an image of her and her Deering John Hartford Banjo for the cover of their 2014 catalogue.  And she needed it pronto. We meet up and shot this early one bitterly cold morning, I just love how warm the light looks, trust me it was not warm. When our hands started to go numb we ran indoors and selected and sent off our favourites. Job done. Check out one of her bands videos here, but be warned it really gets stuck in your head.

It was lovely to meet you Rhiannon and I hope to see you back on these shores again. I will be keeping an eye out.