Nothing compares to a small wedding! I just love a micro wedding. They are so special, and every time I photograph one I feel so lucky to be there. This is Katerina and Joes humanist wedding ceremony in the Burren.

The couple are students in the Burren college of art in Ballyvaughan and had their wedding there, by Katerina’s dye garden. Katerina is a phd student of art and ecology, and she brought lots of beautiful elements to the wedding. She made all the bunting, and the dye that coloured it, along with their oh so cute symbolic wedding rings. Those rings got an upgrade a week later at their wedding with friends and family. I will share that in due course. It’s amazing!

This wedding was just the couple, and their witnesses. Oh and their dog! A tiny dog with a big attitude, this chihuahua was a rescue from the streets of Mexico. Now I want one!

Bridget Carlin began proceedings with telling a little about the story of Katerina and Joe so far. This is such a lovely feature of humanist weddings and really sets the mood.

As well as reading some beautiful words to each other and exchanging rings, Joe and Katerina planted a beautiful native Irish ash tree together. What a beautiful and appropriate way to commemorate the occasion. Mid way through their exchange of vows a group on horse back passed by. You can imagine their excitement and surprise when they realised what they had just come across! This is something I really love about weddings; strangers delight at encountering one unexpectedly. It makes everyone happy, and I think really shows the inherent goodness and romance in people.

Ceremony over, a picnic was produced from somewhere! Some other student friends that were knocking about the college joined the group and toasted the newlyweds and I went home.

If you are planning a tiny little wedding, please get in touch. Wedding photography does not have to be a big production. I am happy to do just an hour if that is what is right for you. That’s all this was, and I think it was certainly worth documenting. Don’t you?