Well it certainly was a long long way to Tipperary for Miel and Michell who travelled with their families from Colarado to get married in beautiful Bansha!  They say the Irish are friendly, Miel and Mitch have the warmest, friendliest, kind families. They even brought me a gift from their home town! The wedding was a really intimate affair, and I felt honered to be their photographer. Miel is a real make and do girl, take note of the gorgeous little fabric flowers she made that decorated her hair, and shoes. I met up with all the ladies in Cahir in the morning and we took some photographs around the castle. The ladies all headed on to Rathellen House, while Mitch and the gents enjoyed a pint in Cahir House. The ceremony took place in Rathellen House in Bansha, which they rented for the week, and was a home away from home for the two families. Miels Mum is Korean, and they had some lovely Irish as well as Korean traditions incorporated into the ceremony. Before the couple exchanged rings, the rings are passed around for everyone to hold and make a wish or blessing for the couple. Here are some of the photos from the day.