It is challenging to organize a wedding celebration with over 100 guests without following the hotel format. Hotels do it so well. They are used to it. They know how to make it all happen on schedule and the couple can just trust them to do the job well. Jen and Paudie decided to have a slightly different day however, and it couldn’t have worked out better. Well actually it could. The rain could have stopped for just a while. But that was not to be! And even the horrible day couldn’t dampen their spirits or prevent them from walking around the city. Sure what are umbrellas for?

The wedding party got ready in the Clayton hotel. (I arrived on a Cork bike. I just love a wedding where I don’t have to drive at all) We then made our way across to St. Peter and Pauls church just off Patricks street. Its quite the church! I think because the entrance is on a small side street, you don’t expect anything like as huge and grand a church! The ceremony was beautiful. Jen and Paudie knew the priest very well and that made it all the more enjoyable. After they marched down the isle to much whooping and cheering the couple bought all their guests a drink in the nearby Woodford. We left and did a quick trip to the Crawford art gallery, then ran across to the gorgeously dark, perfect for day time drinking, Mutton Lane Inn. Here Jen and Paudie took a bit of time to enjoy a drink to themselves while their guests made their way to the restaurant. Everyone mingled for a while in the fabulous setting of Jacobs on the Mall, before taking their seats for a few short speeches and then a delicious dinner.

It was a brilliant day out for everyone. It was exactly the kind of lovely day you would have with your friends. A few drinks and a lovely meal, and a big celebration of love and friendship.