Liam and Karena were another wedding that I photographed in the Charleville Park Hotel this summer. It was a really fun wedding, I leave when the couple sit for their meal, and the party was well and truly underway by then! Infact I believe it carried on for several more days! Karena and Liam wanted a relaxed, fun and enjoyable day and I think that their style really comes across in their photographs. Like lots of parents, Karenas father had done great work on the house and farm yard in advance of the wedding and we went back there to do the family and bridal party photos, and you can see why, all her dad’s hard worked really paid off the place was perfect for our photo-shoot! From there we headed to the local pub for them to have a quick pint before making our way to the hotel. As well as some of the wedding photos, I have included some from the Queensberry coffee table books they decided on.