Olivia and Daire’s Magnificant Military Wedding

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  • Casment air base wedding

I met Olivia and Daire the very day after they got engaged down at Mizen Head. The Galway girl and Cork guy decided to tie the knot in Daires workplace! Not for everyone, but Daire’s work place is not quite the norm and it turned out to be his last day at work too. This military wedding was at the church in Casement Air Base and was followed by a reception for their guests in the Officers Mess. It started off as a dull day and even rained while Olivia was on her way to the church, but as her car pulled up outside the church the rain clouds disappeared and the sun began to shine, and it continued just up until we finished our photographs! They had a fantastically relaxed ceremony with their friend Fr Gerry, which included lots of unique features. After the wedding we had a little wander around, taking some shots with the helicopters and then found a few spots with lovely lush trees and country side. They then joined their guests in the officers mess for drinks before heading off for dinner in the beautifully decorated dining room and danced the night away. Their lovely videographer Rory has featured it on their website too, you can view it here. It was a pleasure to get to know this fantastic couple and I wish them luck in their new home in Quatar.irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base01 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base02 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base03 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base04 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base05 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base06 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base07 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base08 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base09 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base10 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base11 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base12 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base13 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base14 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base15 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base16 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base17 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base18 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base19 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base20 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base21 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base22 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base23 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base24 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base25 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base26 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base27 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base28 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base29 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base30 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base31 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base32 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base33 irish-military-wedding-baldonnel-casment-air-base34


March 19th, 2014|