I know, I know! I hear it all the the time. People do not like having their photo taken. But let me tell you, having a great profile photograph is something every working girl (and guy!) should have. Say you are being featured in a write up in a journal, or receive a promotion and a photo is needed to accompany the article, how great would it be to have a photograph of yourself ready, that you are happy to share.

Do you have a LinkedIn account? I can not believe the number of successful people on there with profile photos that are obviously them on a night out. Do not do this. You might look great in it, but it hardly screams professional.

Here is what I do. I usually ask people to send me some images they like the look of, and that can act as a starting point. For some people a very straight forward white background is all that is needed, but for others it might be more appropriate to have a more casual look. Casual, but still confident and professional. We set up the shoot for a time that suits, and we can assess the images as we go along to make sure you feel we are getting what you want. I understand that some people really find being photographed uncomfortable, but you would be surprised how after just a few minutes people start to relax. Afterwards I send you a selection to look through and choose your favourites.

Companies, I can come to your offices and work around staffs schedules. Having a uniform look to staffs profile photographs all helps create a cohesive look on your website.

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