This small wedding at Castlemarty is a delight! I am really happy to share it today.

Before a small wedding was the only option, Greg and Hazel choose to have a small luxurious wedding with their very closest family and friends. It was luxurious both in terms of the surroundings, I mean it was in Castlemartyr, but also in terms of time and the pace of the day. I think when prep, ceremony, drinks reception and meal are all in the one place it helps. There is no rushing and racing. It’s all just very relaxed rom the very get go. And I do enjoy a chill wedding! Who wouldn’t?

The humanist wedding ceremony with Geraldine O’Neill was immensely personal and heartfelt. A wedding day is an emotional day. Not just for the couple, but for their families too. The love and pride Hazel and Gregs families had was so apparent. I swear I never saw so much crying and laughing at the tears in my life! I really believe a smaller group actually just amplifies the love! So take heart couples out there who are now planning a small wedding, not entirely by choice.

After the love-fest that was the ceremony we did a few group shots and then headed to the library where everyone sat around chatting and laughing and eating and drinking. Then when everyone was being seated for dinner myself, Hazel and Greg went out to the glorious evening light for a few portraits. They had warned me in advance that they were really bad in front of the camera and that food shots of them together simply don’t exist! I’m delighted that now there are a whole bunch of great shots of them! And don’t they just look so ridiculously happy?

I feel I was very luck to have been there to capture this truly lovely family occasion. Thank you Greg and Hazel. x