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Aidan and Vicky were married back in August in lovely Barnabrow. This fun couple knew they wanted to have a really special wedding day that would be super relaxed with lots of time to spend with their great friends and family. Mission accomplished. They were feeling really at home at Barnabrow after spending the week in the run up to the wedding in one of the self catering cottages. The morning of the wedding the rain was bucketing down, but by the time I arrived to the cottage to meet Aidan and the kids they were sitting out on the lawn having a picnic!

The couple decided to get married in Barnabrow and Tom Burke was the officiant. It was a beautiful ceremony which was really inclusive and allowed for small children to be small children! After the ceremony guests mingled on the deck in the sunshine while we did some family shots, and went for a bit of a wander around the grounds for some shots with the bridal party. I am always going on about how amazing Barnabrow is. It really is. Every where you look there is a beautiful backdrop, and I think the light there in late summer is particularly magical. With our organised shots done, it left Aidan and Vicky time to go join their guests, before heading to the dining room for a delicious meal and then to party into the wee hours.

Thanks for letting me share your photos guys.

A colour photograph of a small bouquet of wild flowersColour photograph of a pink and purple wild flower wedding bouquetColour photograph of the back of a brides wedding dress taken on the steps at BarnabrowColour photograph of a bride with her brides maids and mum at BarnabrowA signpost surrounded by colourful flowers at a wedding at BarnabrowA bride walks by an old sash window at Barnabrow on the way to her wedding her mum holds the back of her dresssmiling bride is walked down the isle by her dadBride reaches the top of the isle and her son is excited to see her, his arms are stretched out towards herBride and her two sister bridesmaids at a wedding in BarnabrowColourful photograph of a sweet table at a wedding in Barnabrow




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